Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unwritten Love

Throw down your happy ending fairy tale books, true love is found in the real world

photo: Yamie

Whimsies desire for a Cinderella ending
But it’s just a fanciful imagination
A King Arthur’s kiss worth endearing
A naïve girl… giving in without hesitation.

Dreamers believe love is expressed in poetic lines
Well-written – words so tightly knit
But love should show some signs
Promises and vows – to a puzzled heart fits.

Young girls who fancy fairytale love stories are so naïve
Giggling for nothing… falling head-over heels to a Prince Charming that everyone digs
But true love is unwritten, telling your heart to just believe.
Enjoying and treasuring each sensation as you get kiss on the lips.

Girls loves reading tales about “True love”
And foolishly think it suit them.
Yet…only two strangers can share real love,
It’s like keeping your own gem.

True love is unwritten… I guess
It nests in your heart to keep.
And you’ll never experience one… unless
You put down the fairy tale book and never let your heart fall asleep.


  1. She is really pretty! I love the poem too!

  2. She really is lovely and a very special lady for me. ;)

  3. You're right Papaleng. True love is found in the real world.Ang ganda naman ng model mo.Who is she?

  4. She is a lovely lady sir papaleng... you are very fortunate :)

  5. Aw...this is so sweet! Such a lovely written poem.

    Chie of Whims and Craze

  6. how sweet poem for a pretty lady. love can really make great poems :)

    stay in love:)

  7. Yeah you are right because sometimes true love won't be found in the fairy tale..

  8. Napaka romantic mo naman, Papaleng. Sino yong magandang babae sa picture?

  9. beautiful poem! so romantic.. it reminds me of my childhood sweethearts...

  10. kakakilig basahin...ang swerte mo.. ang ganda ng lady mo. :)

  11. if you only have patience and time and also God's guidance true love is indeed real, they are in this world.

  12. yay, true love is undefined! It makes everyone crazy...joke! Ganda nang model ah....:)

  13. Those eyes are tantalizing and what a charming smile!

  14. True love happens when it is right for you. You can never expected it. When Mr. Cupid strikes, you cannot getaway with it :-) Beautiful poem by the way Papaleng :-)

  15. The books inspire us to search for the love of our lives in the real world. We can all wish for a happy ending but the reality is, you and your Prince Charming need to work hard together as a team to make it work.

  16. Nice poem Kuya. At one point, I guess I also "daydreamed" about my prince charming. I had my criteria and I had imagined how he would be like. But you're right. Those are just dreams or fantasy. So, I threw my rose-colored glasses and ventured to the real world.

  17. I do believe that indeed only two strangers can find true love <3 And I hope I find mine the "stranger" to share such love someday! lol

  18. Most girls I know believe that fairy tales come true. Well, sometimes they do, but oftentimes, they don't. And you're right, Papaleng, in order not to be disheartened, girls should find their Prince Charming in the real world.